Main Features of Iran Travel Guide

In-depth Description of Iran Top 1000 Attractions
Comprehensive Information; Provinces, Major Cities, History, People, Culture, Foods etc.
Useful Access Routes & Maps
Easy-to-Use Design with More Than 2,500 Vivid & Colorful Photos
Information about Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, Entertainment & Ceremonies
About Book

The great tourism potentials placed Iran at the top 10 countries in the world undoubtedly. Being ranked 5th based on diversity of natural and climatic attractions and standing at the top 10 in terms of having historical and cultural attractions, has made this ancient country an indispensable part of global tourism and travel Iran also have 24 registered World Heritage sites in UNESCO.

Existence of these great capacities added by beautiful nature and rich culture encouraged us to prepare the precious collection entitled "Iran Travel Guide". This guide helps you to get the most from your visit to Iran. "Iran Travel Guide" consists of three main chapters as follow:

Chapter 1: Need to Know
  • IRAN Visa,
  • Entry & Exit Formalities
  • Exchange & Currency
  • Cost & Budget
  • Transport in Iran
  • Dress Code
  • Persian Events, Customs, Traditions &Festivals
  • Climate
  • Iranian Hospitality, the Best Part of Traveling
  • History
  • People & Ethnic Groups
  • Sea, Gulf & Lakes
  • Largest Cities or Towns in Iran
  • Native Animal Species of Iran
  • Iranian Costumes
  • Economy
  • Persian architecture
  • Legal System
  • Look Inside
Chapter 2: Discover Iran
  • Introduce the Provinces & Destinations
  • Glimpse
  • Provinces’ Map
  • Counties
  • Population
  • Geography & Climate
  • History
  • People & Culture
  • Famous People
  • Local Foods
  • Local Handicrafts
  • Main Industries
  • The Main Cities
  • How to Get There
  • Trip Plans
  • Top Hotels & Eco-Lodge Houses
  • Top Restaurants
  • Map of the Cities
  • Top 100 Attractions
  • Other Attractions
  • More Attractions List
  • Look Inside
Chapter 3: The Farsi Learning Guidet
  • Introducing the Persian language
  • Persian Alphabet
  • Survival Guide (Persian to English)
  • English-Persian Dictionary
  • Destinations’ Index